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Galapagos Underwater


Galapagos Underwater

Discover a whole new world diving into Galapagos underwater ecosystem and meet the most amazing ocean life, explore beneath the waves and swim among the unique creatures of this magic archipelago. 

There are multiple options for great snorkeling, either at open sea or at shallow waters, we offer our guests adequate equipment for exploring the sea in the best sighting spots. 

If you are interested in diving more deeply to get a close look at the amazing underwater creatures of the Islands you can book a one day immersion to share the waters with sharks, sea lions, coral fish and much more. We recommend adding a pre or post cruise extension at our Inn, the Angermeyer Waterfront if you’re interested in diving experiences.

These are some of the beautiful species you can encounter underwater.

Tintorera shark galapagos


The tintorera shark has a wide head and narrow body. They hunt at night so by the day they can be spotted relaxing at the bottom of the sea, they prefer warm and shallow waters and have a diet of mainly crustaceans and fish. This is not a territorial or aggressive species at all, but caution is always advised.

Galapagos Dolphins


There are different kinds of dolphins that swim around the Galapagos Islands, some are just passing through and stop to get food and some are almost local residents in this archipelago. The most frequently spotted dolphins in the islands are the bottlenose dolphin, Risso’s dolphin and the common dolphin. They’re not shy and mostly travel in groups so keep your eyes open as they may even swim along.

snorkeling in galapagos manta rays

Manta Rays

It may seem unnoticeable at first but Manta Rays are actually closely related to sharks. This amazing creature has a flat body and fins on each side of the head. To hunt it stays for long periods hiding at the bottom of the sea, covered in sand to surprise its prey: crabs, shrimps, fishes and other small animals. Did you know baby manta rays are born ready to feed themselves?

whale shark galapagos

Whale Shark

The whale shark is known as the biggest fish of the sea, at the Galapagos Islands most sightings of this big species are often of female pregnant whales that choose this waters to swim around. Whale sharks don’t attack other fish and the term “gentle giant” describes them perfectly, as they don’t even have sharp teeth, they feed through special gills inside of their mouths where plankton, baitfish, squid and crustaceans are captured.

Galapagos Whale Watching


It’s better to watch the largest animal on the planet from a distance, whale watching is possible at certain times of the year. In the Galapagos Islands you can find minke whales, orcas, short finned pilot whales, Bryde’s whales, humpback whales, blue whales and more. Some occasionally jump out of the water or can be curious enough to come near ships.

Hammerhead Shark Galapagos

Scalloped Hammerhead Shark

This incredible shark has literally a head that resembles a hammer, the shape of his head provides this shark a better vision range, they also have electroreceptors in which they pick up electric signals that help them hunt while at the bottom of the sea. Did you know that baby hammerhead sharks start 50 centimeters long but can grow up to be six meters long?

sea turtle galapagos

Green sea turtle​

This marine turtle, although similar to other green marine turtles, can only be seen in Galapagos waters. As it only lives and nests in the archipelago, it is considered a different subspecies of marine sea turtle. Turtles may be slow at land but sea turtles can reach up to 35 mph when swimming. This endangered species can weigh 150kg approximately and love to eat seaweed.

galapagos sea star

Galapagos Starfish

Many starfish species live in the Galapagos Islands, especially around the location of Tagus Cove, like the panamic cushion star or the Chocolate Chip Starfish, also known as the Nodular Sea Star. A special species of tropical starfish that can be found only in Galapagos is the Luidia superba, a giant starfish known to be probably the largest five armed starfish in the world.

fish bank galapagos

Coral Fishes

In the ocean of this natural paradise, you’ll be able to see a great diversity of fish, coral fish and other tropical fish will simply swim right in front of you as they go along they’re underwater life. Galapagos Islands have one of the largest marine reserves of the world and you can find up to 450 species of fish in its waters thanks to the fusion of habitats that the archipelago provides for marine life.

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