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About Galapagos Habitat Sea

Travel Agency & Hotel company with operations in the Galapagos Islands. Part of Eco Luxury Group

More than 15 years in business

Our growth is based on the passion we put on our work & the generous response of our thousands of guests.

Luxury redifined

Galapagos Habitat Sea is owned and managed jointly by experienced personnel from both Ecuador and Europe. Our aim is that you will be transformed after your visit our yachts. Luxury for us is not about brands, price or design, but about feelings and authenticity. 

A New Perspective

We’re dedicated to the natural and social habitat, promoting proper and conscious work ethics while offering prime services and unique experiences.

Business Policy for Galapagos Habitat Sea

We are a tour operator and hotel company that offers unique experiences, promoting a proper relationship with the natural and social environment. We differentiate ourselves by the responsable management of our products with the environment and the community; offering a high-quality service by trained motivated staff.

Corporate Responsibility

Our company believes in just and fair treatment to contributors, just payment to suppliers according to established times and negotiations, and eco-minded environmental practices with respect for social diversity.

©Ecology Project International

The future of the Galapagos Islands ultimately lies in the hands of the people who live there, yetthere is a fundamental disconnect between many Galapagos residents and the remarkable natural environment they inhabit. Fewer than 40% of Galapagos residents were born in the islands and a majority of residents have not had the opportunity to visit the national park.

Furthermore, students in the Galapagos have traditionally lacked access to outdoor learning opportunities; education in Galapagos follows a traditional, classroom-based model, which fails to provide access to the spectacular, natural laboratory of Galapagos. We at IGTOA firmly believe that the most important thing that we can do to support Galapagos conservation in the long run is to help empower young people to become engaged and informed stewards of their own natural heritage. This is why we are proud to once again support the work of Ecology Project International (EPI), whose programs engage students in applied conservation programs that include field research and giant tortoise habitat restoration in partnership with the Galapagos National Park. In 2018, 170 Galapagos students will have the opportunity to participate in EPI’s programs. Since 2003, more than 1,700 students have participated in EPI’s programs.

Carbon Offset when traveling with Us

Since 2000, NativeEnergy has been helping some of America’s biggest and best-loved companies make their sustainability visions a reality, Haugan Cruises is now one of them.

All our guests taking one of our cruises has a carbon free journey included in their price.

Native Energy has evaluated our company and since February 2020 we are part of the change

As Yacht Builders

During our more than fifteen years of business, we have built seven yachts that are specially crafted to navigate and serve the Galapagos Islands.

We are very proud that our competitors appreciate our work and quality. Yachts built by us have always been in high demand by other cruise operators, and this demand keeps us motivated to continue innovating our services and pioneering luxury cruising in the Galapagos Islands.

Let us introduce you the yachts that once were part of our fleet:

MC Athala (2005), now called MC Anahí
MC Athala II (2008), now called MC Exploration
MC Nina (2008), currently named MC Tip Top II
MC Cormorant (2011)
MC Ocean Spray (2015)
MT Camila (2018)

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